Why Show off an Imperfect Smile When You Can Correct It Using Help from Cosmetic Dentistry

Why Show off an Imperfect Smile When You Can Correct It Using Help from Cosmetic Dentistry

Sep 06, 2021

Do you have dental imperfections withholding you from showing off a dazzling smile? The defect bothering you may not be significant but only a matter of minor discoloration easily corrected by Jordan and Pham dentistry if you approach them for a remedy. You may have avoided dental visits, fearing the strange smells and noises out there. However, if you are confronted with discolored teeth you cannot whiten from home, you must seek help from a professional dentist 92688 who can remove the staining to give you a dazzling smile you will proudly show off.

Whether you need help to correct discoloration on your teeth or alternative treatments becomes easy to determine when you visit cosmetic dentistry Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. Do not assume the professionals merely consider the awkward appearance of your teeth and decide teeth whitening is the optimal choice for you. The discoloration on your teeth could result from dental infections, food, beverages, or even aging. Using updated technology, professionals evaluate your teeth and mouth to decide which treatment suits your needs the best before providing you any suggestions.

What Treatments Can You Request from Cosmetic Dentistry?

The dentist in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, provides various services to enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile using cosmetic dentistry procedures that will surprise you. Besides teeth discoloration, the most sought after and standard procedure by everyone around the world, the dentist checks your teeth and gums to determine whether the discoloration affecting you results from plaque and tartar buildup and if the condition is a result of improper oral hygiene, you may not even require in-office teeth whitening because the dentist suggests at-home remedies to enhance your smile’s appearance gradually at home.

During your examination, the dentist considers dental imperfections such as chips and cracks or has silver fillings in them that you find embarrassing to show off. In such cases, the dentist near you suggests the following treatments.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a straightforward procedure to conceal minor chips and cracks on your teeth, hampering your smile. You can have one or several teeth bonded in one visit to the cosmetic dentistry near me in a procedure that doesn’t even require anesthesia unless you want to have cavities filled. Dental bonding is affordable than porcelain veneers or dental crowns also beneficial to hide dental imperfections.

Suppose you decide that dental bonding is a procedure helpful for improving your smile. In that case, you merely need to get your teeth evaluated to determine whether any dental conditions are affecting you before you visit a cosmetic dentist of your choice for your appointment and walk out with a dazzling smile within an hour.

Dental Crowns

An extensively damaged tooth in the aesthetic zone of your mouth not only prevents you from smiling but also gives out an impression you don’t care for your oral hygiene. If one tooth is sticking out like a sore thumb, you can have it replaced in a day with porcelain crowns customized explicitly for you by cosmetic dentist near me. However, don’t expect to receive the porcelain crown without enduring some preparation of your tooth after receiving local anesthesia. When giving you porcelain crowns, dentists must file the top and sides of your damaged tooth to accommodate artificial restoration to encase the tooth entirely.

Dental Implants

If you are affected by the age-old problem of tooth loss, you can contact Dr. Jordan and Dr. Pham to inquire how to close the gaps in your mouth as soon as possible. The dentists recommend dental implants as the optimal solution to replace missing teeth, either using traditional dental implants or the latest versions letting you have same-day teeth. If you want instant replacements, you should opt for the same-day version remembering you must recover from the implantation procedure even after you have artificial teeth over the dental implants right after the surgery. However, if you choose to have traditional dental implants, you must wait to recover from the procedure before you can have a beautiful porcelain dental crown over the implant to close the gap in your mouth permanently.

Dental imperfections preventing you from smiling do not disappear by themselves unless you act against them by visiting a cosmetic dentist for advice. In most cases, the problems gradually worsen to make you raise your palms every time you come across friends or family members because you cannot smile at them. Endure the embarrassment if you wish, but if you want to overcome the problem, contact the Rancho Santa Margarita dentist immediately to have the beautiful smile you desire.

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