Who is A Good Candidate for Clear Aligners?

Who is A Good Candidate for Clear Aligners?

Jan 01, 2023

What Are Clear Aligners?

They are orthodontic appliances that straighten teeth and realign jaws. Clear aligners are alternative oral devices to traditional metal braces. You can undergo orthodontic treatment with clear aligners in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, to get the same results as metal braces.

How Are Clear Aligners Different from Traditional Braces?

The concept of clear aligners and traditional braces is the same. Their primary role is to apply continuous pressure on teeth to move them to the desired position. However, clear aligners and traditional metal braces are different in the following ways:

  1. Structure – traditional braces feature metal brackets and wire that wrap around teeth. On the other hand, clear aligners feature transparent plastic-like materials that form a wearable tray.

  2. Adjustability – the only way to keep shifting teeth during orthodontic treatment is by adjusting the braces or teeth aligners accordingly. Traditional braces are adjusted by extending or shortening the wires between the metal brackets. Orthodontists also use elastic bands to direct the movement of teeth with traditional metal braces. Clear aligners cannot be adjusted in this way. Instead, the orthodontist has to replace the initial aligning tray with a new one.

  3. Usually, the change has to occur every four to six weeks. The new aligning tray fits most snuggly than the previous one. By the end of the treatment, you should have used around 30 to 32 clear aligners.

  4. Removability – metal braces are more or less permanently attached to your teeth until you complete your orthodontic treatment. The only way to remove metal braces is by visiting your orthodontist. However, you do not need the intervention of a dental expert to remove or wear your clear aligners. Instead, the only requirement is to keep your clear aligners in your mouth for about 20 to 22 hours daily.

Are Clear Aligners Better Than Metal Braces?

Many patients, especially adults, have been hesitant to try orthodontic treatments for fear of flaunting conspicuous metal brackets. Aesthetic advantages are the primary reason many for clear aligners over metal braces. However, there are other reasons why clear aligners near you quickly gain popularity over metal braces in orthodontic dentistry. Some other reasons that make clear aligners quite popular for orthodontic treatments include the following:

  1. Better comfort – clear aligners have a smooth surface, making them more comfortable than metal braces. You will avoid accidental bites and lacerations in your mouth with clear aligners.

  2. Improved oral hygiene – keeping your mouth clean during orthodontic treatment is just as crucial as the treatment itself. However, it is tough to keep your mouth clean with braces. On the contrary, clear aligners are easier to maintain and keep clean because they are removable.

  3. Fewer dental visits – once you begin your orthodontic treatment, you may visit your local dentist near Dove Canyon more often than you would like. Dental visits are necessary so the dentist can monitor your treatment progress. Patients with clear aligners have fewer dental visits because they can adjust their aligning trays at home. Still, you would need to visit your dentist occasionally, just not as much as with metal braces.

Can Anyone Get Clear Aligners?

Most adults visiting us at Jordan and Pham Dentistry prefer aligners to metal braces for most of the reasons mentioned earlier. However, not all qualify for them. Your dentist must perform a comprehensive dental exam to determine your suitability for your preferred dental appliance.

Who is The Best Candidate for Clear Aligners?

The fundamental requirement for you to benefit from orthodontic treatment is to have underlying problems regarding teeth positioning and jaw alignment. The following factors affect your decision to get clear aligners:

  1. The complexity of the orthodontic problem – clear aligners are not ideal for correcting complex alignment issues.

  2. You are oral hygiene standards – patients who slack in their dental hygiene are not suitable candidates for clear aligners as they will eventually stain the aligners, undermining the concept of invisibility.

  3. Diligent participation – successful teeth straightening and jaw alignment with invisible aligners largely depends on your participation in the treatment. If you do not intentionally wear your aligners for up to at least 20 hours daily, you compromise the speed of your treatment. If you know you are forgetful, you may not be the perfect candidate for invisible aligners. As such, children are not the best candidates for clear aligners.

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