Top Ways To Prevent Migraines

Top Ways To Prevent Migraines

Aug 02, 2021

According to the Migraine research foundation, millions of Americans suffer from migraine headaches. Patients suffering from migraine headaches could experience debilitating symptoms, including dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and feeling sensitive to light or sound. To help avoid or minimize your chances of having a migraine headache, you must identify and avoid triggers. Below are some of the things that would enlighten you on how to prevent migraine headaches.

Dos And Don’ts To Help Prevent Migraines

  • Anything that can stimulate your sensory organs, like loud noise, strobe lights, are usually common causes of a migraine headache. It could be difficult to avoid this stimulus, but it would be helpful to realize the places or situations where these triggers can occur. Loud noises or strobe lights are usually part of a nightclub or crowded venues, movie theatres, driving at night, and experiencing glare from the sun.
    Rest your eyes as you take a break from your computer screen or TV; you could also adjust the brightness levels of the computer or TV screens. Be cautious of loud audio and visual noise to avoid them immediately, even before a migraine arises.
  • Keep a headache diary to help you identify the number of times you have had a migraine and what triggered it. These are some of the things you should take note of; the weather, the kind of food you eat and drink, your schedule and exercise routine, your emotions and feelings, the number of times you had a headache and how severe it was, and the side effects of your medications. This could help you track migraine occurrences and how to avoid them.
  • Exercising regularly is an integral part of a person’s lifestyle. But exercises like weight lifting are intense and can contribute to triggering headaches. Instead, observe how your body responds to different activities and choose to participate in activities that do not increase your stress level, which could strain the body. Light aerobics and yoga are good choices of exercise. Before going for a workout, take an anti-inflammatory drug to help ease migraine symptoms.
    Stressful occurrences majorly cause migraines, so patients should control how they react in stressful situations. Practice a workable relaxation technique to help reduce your stress level.
  • Be cautious of the food and drinks you eat as they could contribute to migraines. For example, red wine, cheese, chocolate, processed meats can initiate headaches. You have to know the foods that can trigger migraines and learn to limit or avoid them.
    Migraine headaches can be caused by fasting, skipping meals, dehydration, and lack of little sleep. Learn to drink enough water and never miss a meal. You should also get seven to eight hours of sleep and make up for lost sleep too.
  • Hormones can trigger migraines in women as they experience more headaches before or during their menstrual cycles. So women should watch their exercises, diet, and lifestyle habits during their menstrual cycle as this would help them reduce or avoid a migraine or its symptoms.
  • Proper nutrients from supplements or herbs can help patients to prevent migraines and headaches. For example, research has shown that magnesium deficiency can trigger a migraine, and taking a supplement every day can help prevent headaches or migraines.

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