The Procedure of Getting Dental Implants

The Procedure of Getting Dental Implants

Jul 01, 2020

Millions of people suffer premature tooth loss in adulthood. You would think that this would not be a problem in the 21st century, but it is. People still struggle with the basic concepts of proper oral health, which explains most cases of tooth loss.

When you have lost a tooth, your smile is not as pleasing anymore. Something about the created gap can make you shy away from showing off your smile. However, a dentist in Rancho Santa Margarita CA can update your look by restoring your missing tooth.

What Are Dental Implants?

Before you know anything about the process of installing implants, it is better to know what they are in the first place. Dental implants are tiny screw-like metal fixtures that are placed in your jawbone to replace the lost tooth. The metal fixture flaunts titanium materiel, which is praised for its sturdiness. Not only that, but a cosmetic dentist near me will also tell you that one of the primary reasons why titanium is likable is its ability to fuse well with the bone structure if the oral cavity.

Dental implants in Rancho Santa Margarita have become a great resource in restorative dentistry for replacing missing teeth. As the years go by, modern technology has helped increase the value of implants in dentistry. Today, an implant is not only capable of replacing one if your tooth but can give you a whole complete look through full mouth restorations.

The Procedure for Installing Dental Implants

​There is a reason why dental implants near you don’t come as cheap as other oral devices. Some of those reasons have to do with:

  • Sturdy material – titanium is an incredibly sturdy material, and although not as strong as natural teeth, it comes pretty close.
  • Multiple oral appliances – the process of installing an implant is only complete once the metal fixture is covered with other oral appliances. This means a possible dental bridge, denture, or crown.
  • The implantation procedure – unlike other tooth replacement alternatives, implants are installed in a slightly lengthy and invasive procedure.

The procedure entails several steps that add up to a successful restorative result.

  • Minor surgery – a dentist will make a small incision on your gum tissue to expose the bone tissue. Before this local anesthesia is necessary to numb your mouth from the pain. Another form of sedation may also be used to help you remain calm during the entire process.
  • Drilling – the jawbone is then drilled to make room for the dental implant.
  • Placement of the implant – the implant is fixed in the drilled site.
  • Closing up the wound – usually, the gum tissue is sewn back to begin the healing process.
  • Placement of the crown – a couple of weeks later, your dentist will schedule another appointment for which you are to get a dental crown. The crown will cover the implant, for a pleasing result. However, it is not every patient that gets a dental crown. Some get dental bridges while others get dentures.

Should You Get Implants?

Dental implants have proven themselves useful in dentistry over the years. The metal fixtures may be hidden under a dental crown, but the 98% success rate says enough about them. The question of whether or not you should get implants can still bug you at this point. Major factors to consider include your long-term goals, your preferences, as well as the recommendations of the attending dentist 92688. Some benefits linked to implants include:

  • Longevity – if you are one to seek consistency and reliability, implants will work for you. They are not only effective in tooth replacement but are likable for long-term results. With proper care, you may never need another treatment for replacing your tooth.
  • Strength – titanium material speaks for itself when it comes to sturdiness.
  • Cosmetic advantage – implants replace the roots of your teeth, promoting health bone tissue. The implants also prevent future bone loss. This structures your bones, giving you’re a more youthful look. Besides, the gap in your mouth does nothing for your smile.
  • Secure and stable outcome – it can be embarrassing to have a slippage when you are out in public. Thankfully, implants are stable and secure, having that they are installed in your jawbone and secured by your gum tissue.

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