Permanent Vs. Temporary Crowns: Your Guide

Permanent Vs. Temporary Crowns: Your Guide

Mar 01, 2023

Do you need to restore a severely damaged or decayed tooth and have received a recommendation from your dentist to get a dental crown placed over the tooth? The mention of a dental crown can make you think you can select between a temporary or a permanent crown to restore the tooth. Unfortunately, you don’t have a choice to decide between them because you must endure a temporary crown if you choose not to get same-day crowns in Santa Margarita, CA. Still, you prefer to wait for traditional crowns to restore your tooth.

When you hear about temporary and permanent crowns, do not consider getting one or the other because the choices are not available. When you must have your tooth restored with a dental crown, you can expect to receive a temporary crown before getting the permanent crown three weeks later. Therefore it helps if you understand why you need dental crowns and what is involved in getting them.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns resemble tooth-shaped caps helpful to encase damaged, decayed, and aesthetically imperfect teeth customized from metals, fused to metal, porcelain, and ceramics. In addition, the crowns help strengthen and restore the tooth after procedures like root planing for periodontal disease or root canal treatments to eradicate dental pulp infections. Dentists also recommend dental crowns as restorations for missing teeth on implants or as dental bridges supporting missing teeth.

You can consider metal crowns on your molars because they can withstand the biting and chewing forces. Dentists recommend porcelain fused to metal crowns because they are matched the color of your natural teeth. Now that you have sufficient information about dental crowns let us explain the differences between temporary and permanent crowns.

Permanent Crowns Explained

Permanent crowns are fabricated in a dental laboratory and remain over the affected tooth for an extended period. The restoration is bonded to the damaged or decayed tooth, making it challenging to remove them without damaging your natural tooth. Dentists recommend permanent crowns to cover cracked teeth, strengthen weak ones, and fix worn ones. As mentioned earlier, crowns help cover implants or bridges if you have missing teeth. With proper maintenance, permanent crowns can last 15 years or more before needing replacements because they eventually wear down.

How Do Permanent Crowns Appear?

Permanent crowns appear and function like your natural teeth. Cosmetic dentistry near you creates a crown that remains indistinguishable in your mouth after bonding it to your tooth. However, the actual appearance of your permanent crown will differ depending on the material you selected for the restoration. However, the crown ensures it effectively restores the tooth’s strength, size, function, and appearance, regardless of the chosen material.

Temporary Crowns Explained

You receive a temporary or provisional crown on your tooth after preparing it for the permanent crown from the cosmetic dentist by having its tops and sides filed, making room for permanent restoration. The dentist provides a temporary crown created from materials like hard acrylic making the difference challenging to determine.

The dentist fabricates temporary crowns in the dental office, unlike permanent crowns that require help from a dental lab. The temporary restoration is a convenient solution to protect your tooth until the dental lab returns your permanent crown in approximately three weeks. However, it isn’t bonded firmly to your tooth, ensuring the dentist can easily remove it before placing the permanent restoration.

Temporary crowns are not designed for durability and wear down in about 12 weeks. However, they help protect your tooth from additional damage from your first visit to the dentist to the last. It would help if you took excellent care of the temporary crown while it remains over your tooth by following your dentist’s instructions. However, it would be best if you had it replaced when your permanent restoration is delivered to the dentist by scheduling another appointment.

Which Crown Should You Prefer: Permanent or Temporary

Instead of contemplating between temporary and permanent crowns, we offer you a suggestion to restore your tooth in one appointment by visiting the same-day crowns dentist near you providing dental crowns in a couple of hours instead of weeks by using the CEREC technology to fabricate a ceramic crown right before you to restore your teeth as you wait in the dental office. You don’t have to worry about scheduling multiple appointments or enduring the inconvenience of temporary crowns over your tooth until the permanent crown is ready for mounting.

If you need clarification about permanent and temporary crowns, eliminate the confusion by contacting Jordan and Pham Dentistry to receive same-day CEREC crowns to fix your tooth in one appointment with the practice. Consult them today to return home in the evening with your tooth fixed and functioning like your natural teeth.

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