One Visit Crowns Restore Your Damaged or Decayed Tooth in a Couple of Hours

One Visit Crowns Restore Your Damaged or Decayed Tooth in a Couple of Hours

Oct 01, 2021

Currently, you don’t have to spend three weeks or more with multiple dental appointments with the cosmetic dentist near me to restore a damaged or decayed tooth with traditional dental crowns. Times are no longer what they were earlier, and struggling to fit multiple dental appointments into your busy schedule isn’t required anymore. You don’t even have to worry about spending a hefty sum when you decide to get a dental crown. Presently you can get same-day dental crowns in a couple of hours created by using cutting-edge technology instead of physical impressions.

Suppose you must restore damaged or decayed teeth with dental crowns. In that case, you can relegate traditional dental crowns into the background, preferring instead one visit crowns near me to complete the restoration in approximately two hours. Traditional dental crowns require two to three dental visits with time between wearing temporary crowns over several weeks. When you prefer one visit dental crowns, rest assured the restoration is milled, designed, and placed over your tooth the same day.

Why One Visit Dental Crowns Are Suitable for You

The dentist Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, places your dental crown in one appointment instead of multiple. In addition, the procedure for placing the dental crown is faster and efficient than the traditional variety, making it an affordable dental crown solution.

Much of your tooth structure isn’t compromised when getting one-visit dental crowns. The procedure is conservative and doesn’t require intensive drilling or tooth structure reduction. The one visit solution eliminates the need for wearing temporary crowns because the restoration is created and fitted onto your tooth the day of your appointment. This solution enables you to restore your teeth with natural-looking tooth-colored dental crowns in one appointment.

What Exactly Are Dental Crowns and Why Do You Need Them?

Dental crowns, also known as tooth caps, have many functions and advantages. For example, crowns can restore fractured teeth, cover dental implants, encase discolored teeth and strengthen a tooth after a root canal. In addition, dental crowns are beneficial to protect your weak teeth from fracturing, providing you a robust, healthy, and better-looking smile.

You may need a crown to protect an extensively filled tooth or cracked teeth. You may think large fillings can restore your tooth, but they don’t reinforce your healthy tooth structure. Cracks in your tooth can spread to the cusps resulting in breakage.

If you have a severely decayed tooth with the nerve alive, you must protect it from further exposure to decay and injury. If your nerve dies, you will likely develop a severe toothache and dental abscess. However, if you encase the tooth with a dental crown, you can restore it to full functionality.

Your tooth is rendered fragile after undergoing root canal treatment, making it crucial for you to protect it from breakage and reinfection.

The One Visit Dental Crown Procedure

Having provided information about one visit crowns, it would be an injustice if we didn’t provide information of its procedure.

Traditional dental crowns require multiple appointments to complete. During the initial consultation, your dentist determines whether you need a dental crown. Your tooth is prepared by drilling away any decay besides filing the top and sides of the tooth to accommodate the dental crown. You receive temporary crowns over the prepared tooth and must return in another two weeks to have a permanent crown bonded over your tooth.

On the contrary, if you prefer the one visit dental crowns in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, your dentist utilizes the initial appointment to take impressions of your tooth using CAD/CAM technology without preparing your tooth and sends the image to another machine in the dental office. Lab technicians customize your one visit crown based on the impression and sent it back to your dentist 92688.

You can wait in the dental office of Jordan and Pham dentistry or even window shop as your crown is created from a block of ceramic. After that, the dentist prepares your tooth and places the one visit crown over your tooth without even talking about a temporary crown. You are ready to go back to work or home after completing your restoration procedure.

Which dental crown would you prefer if given preferences between CEREC crowns vs. traditional crowns? We are confident you will select the former made from ceramic and used by dentists for many years requiring merely one appointment with your dentist. Hybrid ceramic filled with 73 percent zirconia helps make one-visit crowns that last for years with proper dental hygiene. Dentists in several countries are currently promoting these restorations just like one visit crowns Rancho Santa Margarita.

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