Amazing Facts about Cosmetic Dentistry You Did Not Know

Amazing Facts about Cosmetic Dentistry You Did Not Know

May 01, 2020

The term cosmetic has been wrongly interpreted for a long time. It is not related to the makeup products or different facial surgeries meant to enhance your features. Cosmetic is also a dental terminology which you may not be familiar with. Cosmetic dentistry has nothing to do with your facial features. It works on the oral cavity and any problem that is ruining your appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry in Rancho Santa Margarita CA has been in practice for over a thousand years. You might have heard about a few procedures as well, but you may not be aware of cosmetic dentistry specifically. Dentistry is a diverse field and cosmetic dentistry has a major role in your life.

Here are some interesting facts about cosmetic dentistry that might be new for you.

1.Improvement in Function

The majority of people have misunderstood the idea of cosmetic dentist near me. It is often hard that procedures like teeth whitening and veneers are under general dentistry in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. In reality, these are cosmetic dentistry procedures that are also referred to as restorative dentistry. Crowns, bridges, whitening, and veneers are a few names that are suggested for improving the function of your teeth and overall appearance. Hence, these processes restore the function as well as improve them, leaving you with an attractive smile.

2.Better Appearance

Be it veneers or Invisalign, the basic purpose of these procedures is to protect your smile. Many people believe that cosmetic dentistry procedures result in an unnatural look. This is a misconception, and an actual case, these procedures result in a better appearance than you could expect. For example, Invisalign is a substitute for traditional metal braces. The dentist in Mission Viejo places removable clear trays on the teeth that repair broken, cracked, or misshapen teeth, and your smile is improved. Due to the clarity of the trays, your smile becomes shinier as well.

3.Whitening Is the Most Popular Procedure

This is undoubtedly the most interesting fact about cosmetic dentistry near you. The dentist near you can also second this statement because the majority of people visit dentist 92688 either for cavities or for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is another blessing of cosmetic dentistry that brightens your smile and your grin becomes the most attractive feature. Did you know that a shiny smile boosts confidence? Well, you will feel more confident after a teeth whitening process.

4.Reduce Sensitivity

Sugars, acids, hot or cold drinks can cause some serious sensation in the teeth. This sensation is termed as sensitivity. The root cause of sensitivity is the weakening of enamel; the outermost layer of the tooth. Another popular procedure that dentist Rancho Santa Margarita, CA recommend is veneers. Veneers have many variations depending upon the need of the patient. Mostly porcelain veneers are advised because they give the patient a more natural look. The purpose of veneers is to cover the tooth and work as the enamel. This greatly reduces the sensitivity of the teeth. Hence, cosmetic dentistry can help dental sensitivity.

5. Protection against Future Problems

Do you have a missing tooth? If yes, then visit the dentist near you immediately because you need it to be fixed as soon as possible. A missing tooth is no longer a space between the teeth that negatively affects your appearance. It is a serious problem because it makes way for several other oral problems like gum infection. Cosmetic dentistry procedures like implants and bridges can help you bridge the gap between teeth and you can protect the oral cavity from several future problems.

6.Enhances Your Mood

Smile is a major contributor to your mood. This may be the most surprising fact but you can test this yourself. People with pretty smiles are more confident and happier. For every small good in life, they have a huge smile on their face. On the contrary, people who did not pay attention to their smile, avoid big laughs and smiles. They feel upset about not having the most attractive smile. Cosmetic dentistry is a big life savior and mood changer.

Final Words

Cosmetic dentistry has been in practice since the 700 A.D. It is not new to mankind but people now know it specifically. Previously, the procedures were known as general dentistry, but the cosmetic dentistry procedures and facts are not unknown to people anymore. If you need any help with retaining your beautiful smile, contact us at Jordan and Pham Dentistry. We are here for you.

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