All You Need to Know about Dental Implants

All You Need to Know about Dental Implants

Sep 01, 2019

The placement of dental implants is a common restorative and cosmetic procedure in the United States. As people grow older, they often come to realize just how valuable their permanent adult teeth truly are. Without having a full mouth of healthy white bone, individuals struggle to perform basic tasks like speaking, eating, and chewing. Dental implants are one of the best solutions because these artificial teeth can replace ones that are missing, cracked, or decayed with little muss or fuss.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is one or more artificial teeth that are rooted directly to the jawbone. The main structure is made of synthetic material that doesn’t rot or decay. It is shaped to match the missing tooth or the ones around it to fit well in the mouth and avoid causing pain or discomfort. Underneath the synthetic body are long metal pieces that form a rootlike structure. These ‘roots’ are embedded directly into the jawbone and are connected to the body through titanium screws.

These solid implants provide a comfortable alternative to complete or partial dentures for many patients because the material is difficult to crack, easy to clean, and won’t decay in the mouth. Comparatively little gum or jawbone work needs to be completed as well, meaning the process of installing an implant can be done in a couple of appointments rather than being stretched out over 4-6 months.

Situations That Require an Implant

The best way to determine whether or not you require a dental implant is by meeting with a qualified dentist 92688. The dentist in Rancho Santa Margarita will perform a visual and tactile exam of your gums and teeth before taking several x-rays to make a 2D or 3D model of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. During the x-ray, the cosmetic dentist near me can see deep patches of decay or any other issues that could necessitate a tooth being removed and replaced.

The most common reasons why someone might need an implant are damage caused by injury or decay. A teenager who has multiple teeth knocked out during a hockey game, for example, could qualify for replacement through implants because their teeth will never return. Cracked and damaged bases can be removed, and the new models can be installed.

Another common situation is an adult or elder who has neglected their oral health and hygiene and developed periodontal disease or allowed their teeth to rot. When this happens, the hardened outer structure made of enamel is weakened and destroyed, while the soft internal pulp is susceptible to bacteria and rot. In severe cases, the gums become too swollen and weak to hold the teeth in place, and they fall out. When this happens, patients often need to undergo quick and thorough treatment with antibiotics, scraping, and cleaning before any implants can be placed.

The Steps of Receiving an Implant

Receiving an implant can be a simple or complex process depending on your own oral health and wellness. The procedure can be explained in a couple of simple steps, though, and can take anywhere from one to four months depending on your specific needs and the dentist’s skill. These can be summarized as the following:

  • A damaged, infected, or decayed tooth is removed
  • The extraction site is treated to prevent infection
  • The jawbone is prepared for the insertion of the implant
  • The dental implant is installed
  • The jawbone is given time to grown and heal around the roots
  • An abutment is placed
  • An artificial tooth is placed

The length between each step will vary, especially if you need to take time to figure out your insurance coverage.

Where to Get a Dental Implant

If you’re looking for dental implants near you or just dental implants in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, then you might be confused about where you should look. You can use the internet to find a specialist, or you can contact the qualified folks at Jordan and Pham Dentistry. The dentists at this office have numerous years of experience, and they remain up to date on new techniques and procedures, making them a reliable source of dental implants and other restorative procedures.

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