After-Care Tips of Same Day (CEREC) Dental Crowns

After-Care Tips of Same Day (CEREC) Dental Crowns

Apr 01, 2022

Do you have a badly decayed tooth, cracked, or damaged in any way that needs restoration? In most cases, dentist suggest you have a dental crown to encase the entire tooth to protect it from additional damage. The traditional dental crown placement requires at least two visits to dentists besides enduring temporary crowns in your mouth for approximately three weeks.

While the suggestion from the dentist undoubtedly benefits your tooth and dental health, you may balk at the thought of multiple appointments with your dentist and wonder whether any options are available to have your tooth restored in one visit. Fortunately, you can have same-day crowns near you created using chairside economic restorations of esthetic ceramics (CEREC) in one stop without enduring the burden of temporary crowns or multiple visits to dentist 92688.

CEREC crowns are created using cutting-edge CAD technology from a single block of ceramic with computer-assisted manufacturing technology. Durability and accuracy is a prominent feature of CEREC crowns than any traditional crown. The restorations are milled while you wait at the dentist’s office and eliminate the need for temporary crowns.

Not many dentists have invested in CEREC technology which is fast gaining popularity among many that do not want to go through the familiar challenges of having traditional dental crowns. However, when you have your tooth restored with CEREC crowns from cosmetic dentist near me, the dental professionals recommend some after-care tips that you must follow to ensure your dental restoration remains in place as long as possible.

What After-Care Tips Must You Follow?

Immediately Following the Procedure

The dentist treating you undoubtedly gives you local anesthesia to numb the area around the affected tooth when reshaping it to accommodate the dental crown. The numbing medication requires hours to wear off, and your tongue and lips will feel strange during this time. The dentist recommends not to chew or consume scorching foods or beverages until the numbness has entirely worn off. The preventive measure is to ensure you don’t hurt yourself.

Your dentist also refrains you from having sticky, chewy, or complex foods for at least 24 to 48 hours to prevent damages to the restoration or even pulling it out. The dental cement used to secure the CEREC crown needs time to harden and is best left to work by itself.

The Days and Weeks after the CEREC Restoration

You might feel some sensitivity in your tooth for about two weeks after you have it restored with the CEREC crown procedure. The sensitivity will result in pain when eating or drinking scorching, cold, or sweet foods. You can use over-the-counter painkillers to help manage the discomfort until it subsides.

You might notice any bits of dried cement used to bond your CEREC restoration coming off when brushing your teeth. The glue coming off is standard. However, if you notice any sharp edges on the CEREC crown, you must contact same-day crowns in Santa Margarita, CA, for them to make adjustments to ensure the crown doesn’t cause damages to the soft tissues in your mouth.

Long-Term Care for CEREC Crowns

CEREC crowns undoubtedly have the ability and the reputation of being durable and long-lasting crown restorations. However, if you wish to achieve success with your restoration, the crown must be looked after diligently. It is your responsibility to secure the longevity and attractiveness of the CEREC crown to make sure you don’t need replacements for the restoration sooner than expected.

If you wish to succeed with the CEREC crown, it is incredibly essential for you to adopt a strict and robust dental hygiene routine. Your oral hygiene regimen must include:

  • Brushing twice a day for two minutes each with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Flossing at least once regardless of when you do it.
  • Getting six-monthly dental appointments for exams and cleanings to ensure the restoration and your dental health is in optimal condition.

CEREC crowns allow you to restore your damaged or decayed teeth in one appointment with the Santa Margarita dentist. However, the ceramic crowns are prone to damage if you indulge in detrimental mouth-related habits like using your teeth for purposes other than chewing on biting or opening packages. Therefore you must remain careful and refrain from such practices to safeguard your restoration.

If you wish to restore your teeth with same-day CEREC crowns, we suggest you contact Jordan and Pham Dentistry, providing CEREC crowns near you.

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